Develop a series of global communication events to officially launch the Gamertag campaign for Xbox Live. Xbox was looking to Omelet to create a big idea designed to drive awareness for Xbox Live, encouraging existing and new game trial and help deliver on the exclusive nature of being an Xbox live Gold Member.
Omelet created the Gold Experience for Xbox to outwardly establish Xbox Live as the brand that “gives back” to the core gaming community upon which it was built. Designed as a turnkey lifestyle and branding campaign, The Gold Experience helped to official launch the Gamertag campaign and delivered on the Xbox Live promise of giving back to the gaming community in a completely unique and compelling way. It rewarded Gold members and enticed Silver members to sign up for Gold because of the new benefits associated with The Gold Experience.
Omelet exceeded Xbox Live’s goal of delivering 6 million subscribers in one year. In addition, we have since developed the Gold Experience into a global toolkit that has been implemented by subsidiaries around the world. From Barcelona to the Tokyo Game Show, Xbox Live’s Gold Experience continues to create buzz, drive consumer participation and ultimately, move the needle by increasing acquisition and overall revenues for Microsoft.


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