Create a piece of creative content that raises the awareness of Mr. Ice Blended and causes target consumers to purchase Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf products. This is also a great opportunity to “cool up” the brand and make it more approachable, stand for something more and spark “water cooler” conversations. It is also an opportunity to have some fun with the brand by fusing some irreverence into the creative.
Basically, Omelet created a hilarious “jack-ass” style viral video campaign called MASCOT ROOMMATE. The idea was simple; create a group of four fictitious friends where one of the guys landed a summer job at The Coffee Bean as the Mr. Ice Blended mascot. His three roommates will stop at nothing to harass him all summer until he quits or gets fired. We created, wrote, produced and directed a series of “prank shorts” for the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. The entire campaign was so realistic that no one knew it wasn’t real — including CNN and USA Today.
Although we are still calculating the results from the site, in a little over a month after we launched the campaign over 500,000 unique visitors have viewed and enjoyed the content on And only 4 days after the launch of MASCOT ROOMMATE, we received what only a small percentage of online viral campaigns have ever received — a national broadcast segment, featuring, on CNN’s Headline News. AOL’s Consumer Entertainment/Online Syndicated Industry Guru, Regina Lewis, was interviewed by Erica Hall about the “Top Three” viral sites on the Internet for that week — and our site was one of them. The segment was buzzed using footage (and the theme song) from, we had an additional 3 minutes of featured footage from the site and they flashed up the URL multiple times.